Time to fit your customers' NEEDS

Go smaller to create a BIGGER DELIGHT

Why Wilma

Fit into today's reality

Today’s customers no longer have a “demand”, they are completely “in command”! They tipped the scales in the Customer Relationship and are now in the lead. You have to be able to service them whenever, wherever and always completely tailored to their specific needs. The highest focus on their convenience became commodity so you have to go further to pamper, surprise and delight them. Because if you don’t, there’s always somebody else who will.

With a changing customer, companies constantly have to change as well. So are you ready to fit your customer’s needs and create customer delight…or could you need a little hand with that?

Then we would like you to meet Wilma, a customer delight tool that allows you create the pocket sized service a customer wants!

Meet Wilma

Wilma always wins!

Wilma, a Digital Personal Assistant

Your customer experiences Wilma as a digital personal assistant who tends to their needs “like a mom does”. Whether it’s about mobility, health, household management or personal interests… She is always available at their fingertips, unconditionally taking personal care in a  tailor made way and with the speed of light.

Wilma, a Customer Delight Tool

Wilma allows you, as a company, to offer an in depth service and impeccable customer experience. And at the highest convenience for your company and team! She allows you to easily fit your customers’ needs, reaching their hearts and as a result, your targets. Wilma is your solution for a pocket sized service…and thus pocket sized happiness!

Dive into deep data

Connect the dots

Strengten service

Blur the lines

Go smaller

Deliver Delight

Go wilma

The future is about the customers' goodwill

If you truly care about your customer, you create “customer goodwill”. A bond with mutual trust and understanding, as a reward for the investment in a long term relationship. For companies and brands to reach that, we have to adapt our thinking, acting and communicating. All of us together!

We invite you to source but also share data and connect relevancy to create opportunity across the lines. If we think and act big together, we can go smaller individually!

Wilma works

Always there for your customer

Your customer will experience Wilma as a Digital Personal Assistant. As she takes place on their smartphones, she enters their daily life and brings you to the end of their fingertips.

With a sleek design and impeccable user experience, Wilma forms an interface that connects your service to the customer’s needs, wants & wishes. Provided access to a massive amount of data, connected by the certified UBench Platform, Wilma knows the customer in and out.

Based on defined scripts, algorithms and artificial intelligence, she adapts her behavior, dialogue and actions to act and react accordingly. And in case Wilma is not able to service your customer automatically, there’s a whole team backing her up behind the scenes.

This enables Wilma to create and maintain a delighted customer. Your delighted customer!


Going smaller requires just a little first step! Contact us and we will be happy to tell you all about Wilma and what she could do for you… and your customers.

Already looking forward to meeting you.


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